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Default $100 Paypal (possibly more )Available for the following :

I have $100 and could be more for the following cards i need . Ill be frank with you guys , i need these cards but im not desperate in buying them. If you
have these cards and are offering them with great prices then we will have a deal . Please dont offer me ridiculous prices . Please do your homework too when
giving out prices. Lastly , i wont be sending money first for newcomers.if you are a rookie or a newcomer, You have to give me some good reason or good referrals
for me to send payment first. otherwise i will be requesting you to send the card first rest assured payment will be made after cards are received. My priorities
are ranked having Jambalaya first next Ice Signatures and Bap Rookies . I will be placing my price beside the cards i am looking for so if you are willing to
sell your cards by that price then pm me right away

1) 08-09 Ultra Jambalaya

1 Wayne Gretzky Oilers $75 DLVD
2 Bobby Orr Bruins $40 DLVD
3 Gordie Howe Red Wings $35 DLVD
4 Mark Messier Rangers $20 DLVD
5 Mario Lemieux Penguins $20 DLVD
7 Joe Sakic Avalanche $15 DLVD
9 Sidney Crosby Penguins $75 DLVD
10 Alexander Ovechkin Capitals $40 DLVD
11 Evgeni Malkin Penguins $20 DLVD
12 Ilya Kovalchuk Thrashers $15 DLVD
13 Vincent Lecavalier Lightning $10 DLVD
14 Jarome Iginla Flames $15 DLVD
16 Dany Heatley Senators $10 DLVD
17 Simon Gagne Flyers $15 DLVD
18 Jaromir Jagr Rangers $10 DLVD
19 Mats Sundin Maple Leafs $10 DLVD
20 Jonathan Toews Blackhawks $30 DLVD

2) -09 UD ICE Signature Swatches - Jerseys - Auto PETG

SSJ-LX Mario Lemieux Penguins $60 DLVD
SSJ-PR Patrick Roy Canadiens $50 DLVD
SSJ-RE Robbie Earl Maple Leafs $10 DLVD
SSJ-RL Rod Langway Capitals $10 DLVD
SSJ-SC Sidney Crosby Penguins $100 DLVD

3) -09 BAP ROokie Jerseys
RJ-LS Luke Schenn 299 Maple Leafs $8 DLVD
RJ-MB Mikkel Boedker 299 Coyotes $5 DLVD

As much as i would love to buy other stuffs my focus will only be on the items listed above my traders are piling so not needed right now

thnx for looking and looking forward for some deals
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