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Default Tuesday Market Report

Here's what you need to know:

-2012 Bowman Hobby and Jumbos are selling very well. As the initial supply dries up and stores try to restock, pricing will most likely move higher in the coming months.

-Seeing a uptick in sales in 2011 Elite Extra BB. There must be someone driving this product in recent days.

-Any product from 1999 with Josh Hamilton Rookies are on fire. 1999 Topps Traded, 1999 Chrome Update Sets and 1999 Bowman Chrome Series 2 seem to be the products collectors are trying to locate. All are very difficult to locate.

-Keep an eye on the 2012 Topps Olympics Product...could be a big winner in a few months

-2011/12 Panini Preferred Bskt about to make a run higher soon

-2011 Bowman Chrome and 2011 Bowman Draft continue to sell extremely well. More focus on Bowman Draft currently with Bowman Chrome near $100 now.

-Keep an eye on Past products with Danial Nava and Will Middlebrooks. Nava looks like he's in 2010 Products with No Autos yet. Middlebrooks best card by far is his 2007 Elite Extra Ed BB. He also has an auto in 2011 ITG Heroes & prospects followed by Cards in 2010 Products.
It's just a matter of time before Topps announces Autos of both players in this years 2012 products. Could it be U & H, Topps Chrome, Bowman Sterling? Remains to be seen...

-Seeing alot of prebuying in 2012 Topps BB products. As Topps completes the checklists and continues to add and update product info, we should see continued demand for Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Finest, Topps 2 and A & G....all selling very well.

-The 2012 FB action probably will not heat up til training camp. Early prebuy action is on 2012 Topps Finest, Inceptions and Platinum. When FB heats up, these may be the first to Pop.

-2011 NT FB, 2011 Topps 5 Star FB and many other 2011 FB products selling well across the board.

-2012 Topps Archives sales took off once Topps added all the extra content. Prices have not moved much but the product looks pretty strong if you like the retro type hits.

-2003/04 Bskt and 2007/08 Bskt products starting to move...Not sure how much higher they can go but dealers are buying.

More to come...

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