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Default 2 Case Break Indiana Jones KOTCS

The cases where ok i dont know anything about the sketch cards i pulled but ill post images any info would help artist/values would be great. the first case had 9 hits with one box being a hot box with 2 hits i guess second case only had 8 hits with 1 hot box but also had 1 box with nothing in it. all cards are for trade/sale thanks

Imageshack - image004d.png

Imageshack - image005y.png

Imageshack - image006r.png

the autos are
Karen Allen x2
David Koepp x3
Igor Jijikine x1
alan dale x1

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Hi there, going left to right then top to bottom: Image 1: 1.) Could be Kevin Doyle 2.) Could be Kyle Babbitt (picture is a bit small) 3.) Ryan Waterhouse 4.) Brent Woodside, Image 2: 1.) Matthew Goodmason (Not sure on last name spelling) 2.) Kevin Graham 3.) Ryan Waterhouse 4.) Uko Smith. Image 3: 1.) Brent Woodside 2.) Jason Keith Phillips. Sorry to tell you that most of your sketches will fall for less than $5 ea. with the best being your Smith, Goodmason, and Babbitt (if that's him). Personally think the best pulls are your two Allen autos since she was a main character in 2 of the 4 Indy's (saw them go for $25-30 on release but you should still get at least $10-15 for the Allens.
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