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Default nelballs PLEASE READ - if you have had issues please don't let this happen to others

nelballs - Paypal called me about this seller today. If you have had bad experiences, through ebay or PP direct contact them. If he took your money, refunding your money without following procedure, or you your product or any issues at all. Call paypal or go login and go to resolution center and report him. I know this has happened to others per feedback and
I was emailed by someone who saw my post and negative feedback and told me his story about being refunded without notice.

My story. Sold me 2 cases of Bowman Signatures through EBAY on April 17th. Against Ebay policy nelballs did request to cancel the transaction, email me, anything. I found that he had refunded my money against ebay policy through paypal. I emailed him and he said that he sold the 2 cases of PRESELL Bowman Signatures to someone at his store bought the cases and I bought them before he could get back to his computer and end the listing.
I tried to figure out a fair solution but could not come up with one and since he went around the ebay process and policy to backend refund me. I left negative feedback. My first and only negative feedback ever.

May 3rd he emails me through Ebay. He's just secured another case through his distributor and felt obligated to sell it to me. He invoice me through Paypal I paid and on the 29th I went into paypal to double check what I had paid and found that nelballs had refunded me on the 25th. No explanation, no nothing, no response to emails.

That's when I saw His response to my negative feedback was that he refunded me right away and Ebay "agreed" with him. I called ebay and guess what
Reply by nelballs (Apr-28-12 10:58):
This comment has been removed by eBay.
Ebay took down his BS comment.

Long story short if you have been treated unfairly by nelballs REPORT IT.

Do not misunderstand this is not bitter about something that just didn't go my way, there is enough of a pattern that Paypal called me and told me to post on forums to contact them if you have a complaint.

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