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Default June PSA Group Sub

PSA Submission Group Sub.

Here are the rules...

#1 - I have to have all the cards in my hands and the paypal payment in my account no later than 6/25/2012.

#2 - You must submit at least 5 cards to participate

#3 - Shipping Costs to/from PSA will be $1 per card, this will cover Priority and Insurance (return postage to you will be determined once cards are received back from PSA)

#4 - I will not send in any duplicate cards unless they are all from the same person. So once you reserve a card, you can send in as many duplicates of that card as you want, but no other member can send that same card in.

#5 - Cards who get any qualifaction in which PSA issues a voucher, I will refund the grading fee (not shipping charges) to you, since the voucher will be attached to my account

Pricing will be determined once PSA posts June Specials.

Collectors Club Special #1
$6.00 per Card – 10 Card Minimum Quantity Required
For Sports & Non–Sports Cards Only – 1956 to Present – For Cards Valued Under $100 each.
For Collectors Club Members Only
Turnaround Time is Approximately 30 Business Days
Hurry! All Orders Must be Postmarked Between 6/1/2012 - 6/30/2012!

Once I get the cards mailed back to me from PSA, we will settle up on the shipping back to you.

Please post if you are interested and what cards you want to submit.

To Clear Things Up: You will actually make 2 payments...the first is due with the cards for the grading and shipping fee (to/from PSA). The 2nd will be when I get the cards back for shipping to you plus paypal fees.

PAYPAL FEES: Will be determined on a individual basis and will be added with return shipping fees from me to you.

SHIPPING - $1 (per card) will be used to/from PSA with full insurance...

I will use USPS Priority mail and will have the shipments insured both ways, to/from PSA...


2011 Topps Cam Newton Rookie Card ($6 grading fee +shipping $1) = $7 + return shipping and paypal fees once cards are received

I will calculate return shipping from me and back to you once I receive the graded cards back from PSA. Naturally if you have 2 cards graded compared 14 shipping rates will be different. I will also figure in PayPal for the first payment.
Then shipping the graded cards back to you plus the second PayPal fee.

$6 to grade card only and $1 shipping to and from PSA and Myself.
TBD Return Shipping Fee (from me to you) and Paypal fees

Cards are accepted on a first come basis. This month I will only take the first member to post a non-numbered card. There can be multiples of the same cards that have different numbers.
Example: only one 2011 Topps Cam Newton Rookie Card can be submitted, but if there were 2 of the 2012 Yu Darvish Auto #/50 from two different members But one members card was numbered 5/50 and the other members was 37/50 both cards can be submitted.

Please post your list of cards and their numbering if they are numbered.

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posting for discussion. If there's enough interest and a host comes forward please resubmit.
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