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Default Group break question

Ok, I think I figured out how group break works when it is a team group break. The cost is divided by the number of people, and they are assigned teams at random, and it's almost like a lottery in whether or not a card from that team is pulled. You could get a lot, you could get nothing. How does the trading work though?

Then there are other group breaks I've seen people post about, like hit break, and a few other names. How do those work? Thanks.
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Random Hit Break= The list of members names are randomized. The first name gets the first hit and so on.

Draft Hit Break= The list of members names are randomized, All boxes are opened. then the first person gets first pick of all cards and so on.

Trading can be done for any break. If it is known where the better hits will be in a hit break, members will trade and sometime pay for those slots.

For team or player draft breaks, members will trade multiple slots and sometimes cash to move up in the draft. Trading will also take place after the draft for better or PC teams.

Hope this helps. If you read the original post in most breaks the break should be explained for you there.
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To add to what Marino said, other types of breaks include:

Snake draft: list of participants is randomized, pick 1 goes first. Once the first round is over, the person who picked last in the first round now picks first in the second, and the person who picked first in the first round picks last in the second.

Player/card draft: Houdini and dlab are good at these. The list of participants is randomized, then the first person picks whatever player/card in the set they want, then pick 2, 3, and so on. Anytime that specific player or card is pulled, it goes to the person who drafted it.

There are a couple others, but take Marino's suggestion of browsing the active/open threads.
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