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Default Question about comics in general

Hi everyone, Im kind of new to the Blowout forums, but I have been collecting stuff forever. I mostly do football cards now.

Comics were actually a pretty big part of my life when I was younger (I'm 31 now) and pretty much led me down my career path. I'm a graphic designer now. I may get bashed for this, but I had never really been into comics until I happened upon an issue of Spawn, at a hotel gift shop no less. It happened to be Issue #1 and I was quite taken with the drawing style. It didnt look like what I normally thought of when I thought of comics and the story line was quite dark. I got to be a little bit of a McFarlane fanboy. I have issues 1-120ish of Spawn. And several other Image comics from that time frame. I was about 13 when that happened I think. I had always been into art and began to mimic the styles I saw in comics of the day. After that issue, I got into comics pretty hardcore until I was about 18. There was a comic store close enough I could ride my bike to! I still have a couple huge boxes of comics at my parents house tucked away in my old bedroom. I couldnt tell you what all is in there right now.

I'll be heading to my parents soon and I will dig my comics out and take a few pics to share with the forum. I would be interested to see what I have that I have forgotten about and see if I have any forgotten gems in my collection.

I just happened to notice this section of the forum and enjoyed looking at some of the recent posts. It seems the new rush of Marvel movies is driving some of the vintage market now. Im curious how important grading is though. Is that mainly for older comics or is it all over now? I took pretty good care of mine, but I also know I read almost every one that I own so there is bound to be a bit of wear on some of them.
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