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Default Need some advice

I had a customer open a paypal dispute because he did not receive the cards. The buyer lives in Lebanon,Saudi Arabia. I have the receipt from the post office when I sent it and advise in my auctions that I am not responsible for uninsured, lost or misdirected mail. I have 100% positive feedback (381) and have never been in this situation. I sure don't want to refund the $60+ if he has received and is lying about it. He has 100% feeback but only (17) and I noticed today is now NARU. Any advice on this would be helpful.
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Not to be a pessimist, but I think you will find that w/o a confirmed address (of the buyer) you will lose the Paypal dispute. A lot of sellers have had this sort of problem w/ people in China and other areas. Someone will buy a high dollar item knowing that even WITH USPS tracking or delivery confirmation, there is no real way to validate this on the other end and therefore they open disputes knowing full well they recieved the card but that there is nothing that the Seller can do. I think in the end you will end up paying because Ebay/Paypal will side w/ the buyer. Try to drag it out if possible? Maybe the mail is just slow. Others on the board have had a lot more overseas sales experience so hopefully I'm wrong. Good luck.
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Don't matter were the buyer is from it seems like paypal always sides with the buyer.
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Originally Posted by sidelinecards View Post
Don't matter were the buyer is from it seems like paypal always sides with the buyer.

they side with the buyer read my post about the $3,500.00 i just got nailed for after the buyer got his stuff
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