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Default Tuesday Market Report

Here's what you need to know:

Still waiting on word from Topps on 2012 Bowman Draft Jumbo allocations. We will post as soon as we have allocations confirmed. Starting to hear that 2012 Topps Chrome FB may also be allocated. Initially it looked like production would be higher based on the numbers but still waiting to see.

The Buzz around this years National Convention has begun. We're already seeing redemption programs announced and we will have our 2012 Blowoutcards National Convention Threads posted this week on the forums. We have some awesome plans in the works for everyone...Too early to announce...Too crazy to giveaway...stay tuned !

News & Announcements - Blowout Cards Forums

This week is all about 2012 Topps Tier One Baseball. Live breaks should start to hit tonight and tomorrow. The chase for the Bat knobs will be fun to watch and I expect alot of this product will be broken in the next few weeks. If the content (other than the Bat Knobs) is decent, then this one will run as very little is out there.

Keep an eye on the following product...Heating up and about to move higher and dealers are chasing:

Baseball: (2010 & 2011 Products starting to move but specifically the ones below)
2011 Bowman Draft BB
2012 Topps Museum BB
2012 Topps Gypsy Queen BB
2012 Topps Tribute BB
2008 UD SP Authentic BB
2011 Bowman Chrome 1 BB
2011 Topps Triple Threads BB
2010 Bowman Platinum BB
2010 Bowman Chrome BB
2010 Topps Chrome BB
2011 Bowman Platinum BB

Bskt: (Lebron and KD)
All 2003/04 Basketball Products
All 2007/08 Basketball Products
11/2 UD SP Authentic Basketball
10/1 Panini Gold Standard Basketball
11/2 Leaf Best of Basketball Basketball
10/1 Panini Elite Black Box Basketball
11/2 Panini Preferred Basketball
UD Exquisite Bskt all Years

FB: (2011 is primed to move in the next 2 months)
2011 Topps Supreme Football
2011 PLayoff National Treasures Football

10/1 Panini Dominion Hockey
UD Cup HK all Years

2012 Topps Olympics
2012 Topps UFC Knockout

Here are a few promotions in progress. Be sure to sign up

More to come....and Thank You all for your continued business

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