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Default 2011 Topps Update Series retail...

So I am finally getting around to opening the over 2500 packs I amassed during my addiction to the 2011 value boxes. After opening nearly half the packs I am pleasantly surprised I pulled a Next 60 auto of Jerry Sands and a 1/1 canary of Andrew McCuthcheon. After seeing so many of the gold/silver insert cards I almost mistook the 1/1 if not for the definite orangish appearance. The 1/1 on front also is hidden pretty well within. I have seen these 1/1s ranging from $50-$850 asking so I have no clue what I would do here, maybe pay $7 and grade? When I get chance I will scan this card. I am also hitting all the Aaron, Robinson, Ruth, and Ryan SPs as well as many (30 plus) all-star relics, both base and of /60. Not sure what I will do when all said and opened maybe try and put together a blue canary /60 set? That would be a huge, but fun, undertaking...

I have had some good input on how best to package and sell these cards but I am always interested in any and all advice from others who may have ways to best make a profit on these retail hits.
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I see no reason to grade any 1 of 1 card. What's the point?
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Any of the /60 cards, base or relics, list by themselves. They go for decent $$.

I would package together the Sp's by player since you probably hit multiple base and the cognac or diamond anniversary parallel of almost every player. Those I would list at $9.99 BIN. Maybe up the price to like $12.99 for the more popular guys.

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If you get a Descalso Hope Blue /60 I need it. Thanks
It would be card #87 I think if that helps
I collect Daniel Descalso. Please PM me with anything I may need! Thank You!
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