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Default Then again, sometimes eBay cannot be beat

We all have those issues where the book is AS described and others where it is WAY over-graded.

I had a mix this week
I had one I have NO idea how to grade and I am actually tempted to return it
The Spine IS PERFECT...period
Up by the .15 mark there is a water stain. Under the beasts feet,there is a water stain and it is mirrored on the back
There is a stain from water at the top of the book that can barely be seen through MEN
There are NO spine stress marks the colors are VIBRANT and the pages are White !!
The down side and the sleuthing....
The book has 2 ripples that cannot be seen,but felt when held. Yhe book evidently was soaked and set out to dry...the book lays flat,the ripples are in the center.
I have NO idea how to grade it as I have no idea how books in this condition ARE graded. I would say without the ripples,even with water stains, F+/VF,but I am a novice on silver age in regards to grading as some books get graded so odd that I just cannot see how they got the grades they did

The next books are FF 76,77,78 and 79
Now I won these for a song and dance and expected G/VG copies. The auction image was bad,but I figured 5.00/book would be an ox max offer.
I won them for 17.90 shipped.
The 76 is the worse of the has a creases that has been flattened out over the years and is only visible by the hairline white mark running from the left of the torch down to the Thing's knee.
The 77 and 78 have NO spine stress period. The 77 has 3/3 in pen on the letter N in Fantastic, almost imperceptible unless you are looking for it.No creases,chipping or overlap. Pages are WHITE.....VF to VF+
The 79,the easiest cover to see mistakes on due to the mint greencover.
has 8.6 in pen at the top middle, MINOR spine stress upper left by mr.Fantastic, small stress at the mid point and minor stress at the bottom staple. Light fold crease in the bad guys shoulder that confuses me to the point it may be a scratch as it only can be seen on 1 side

This FF lot was by far one of the best lots I have picked up based on price,condition listed and ACTUAL condition on arrival.

I wish they were all like this....

Damn thumbnail crap...confuses me
I uploaded and now they do not appear.

I Collect Marbles,Amazing Spider-man comics and tears! Mr. Sensitivity at your service

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