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Default Feedback question

A member and I agreed to a price on a card. He requested an invoice, which I provided him. He then did not pay that day, no big deal. 3 days later and multiple PMs later and he still didn't pay. I cancelled the invoice and the member is stating he wants the card but had issues with his PP account and couldn't pay from his Ipad. I also lost out on trading the card because I had thought this member would pay in a timely manner. Does this warrant a neutral/negative or should I just let it go?
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At the very least a neutral, personally Id drop a negative but that seems frowned upon on here. These guys are serial non payers and will screw other members just as he has you.
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Advice: Expect retaliation feedback.

Example: My very own, I neutraled a member on here bc he messaged me and was chatting me down on a price that we both agreed to, i sent him my paypal addy and he responds that he cant pay that his wife needs a new dinner table or some crap. I was going to let it go but i looked into his most recent post and he joined a group break for like lord of the rings or some crap and paid a bit of $... so I seen he had blown smoke up my backside so I neutraled and blocked him. He did the same as retaliation although he is the one who made the offer and failed to pay
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