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Default Recent Comic Pickups (Scan Heavy)

A few notes before you start scrolling down. All these are from my first three weeks as a comic collector, and all are first prints. With the scans some you'll see tiny marks and such with which most are from the scanner, not the books. Thanks!


Not Scanned:
  • #27 A (Not the second helping edition)
  • #26
  • #25
  • #23

  • #20

  • #19

  • #18

  • #1.


Not Scanned:
  • #97
  • #98
  • #99

  • #100

  • #5

  • #1 Variant Cover

  • Revival #1 Regular Cover x5 (Got all 5 for $34)
  • Thief Of Thieves #6
  • Thief of Thieves #7

So far I'm really loving comics. Far less hassle and expense compared to cards. That excitement that used to come from opening cards and getting mail from cards has really dyed down and now with comics I get those feeling. When you see a comic in the shop or online or wherever it might be it gets that feeling going. I'm really glad they added ComicBookJunky, that spark that was once in sports cards is now the comics. Hopefully this will get me going again. Thanks for the look!

EDIT: Also just wanted to thank Indy, and Gibberish because if it wasn't for you I would never of picked up Chew and Revival. Hopefully both turn out to be good investments down the road and if not they'll always be great part of my collection.
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+1 to what you said....i still collect cards but not quite as much. i think the issue with cards (to me anyways) i can open quite a few packs of wax and get essentially nothing of any value in return save the fact that i enjoy opening wax. with comics however regardless of whether the book is total garbage...if your buying it as it comes out you not totally screwed. for example, i bought into the walking dead #100 hype and ordered multiple sets (like 3) of all covers plus the chromium. obviously, there are a TON of them out there and so forth thus diminishing the value from an investment standpoint or even a reselling standpoint. However, if i were to hammer them out on eBay right maybe be out $10 or so. i wouldnt get MURDERED like if i had bought a box of Panini Classics Basketball for $108 and got 1 david west jersey, 1 lazar hayward rc auto, and 1 john anderson rc auto....wait that did happen to me lol
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I wish I could have got a Revival 1 variant. Great 1st issue, cant wait for #2!
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