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Default BLOWOUTCARDS National Convention Recap-Days 1 & 2:

BLOWOUTCARDS National Convention Recap-Days 1& 2:

Just thought I would write up a quick recap covering the first few days at the show from our perspective.

First of all, it was a pleasure meeting so many of you during the first few days of the show. It’s always great to reconnect with so many familiar faces .. It’s particularly pretty cool when someone comes up and introduces themselves and although we may not know the face… we certainly know the name based on all the website orders over the years! Just as exciting is when we match up the Forums names to a face. We love meeting all of you so if you plan on coming down to the show this weekend, please take a moment and stop by Booth D2.

Ok…so where to begin. Wednesday night I guess. Let’s just say it was CRAZY ! The show floor opened up at around 4PM but dealers were already buying throughout the day and during our setup. When the VIP’s got in, it was a mad house. The first day is always exciting. Whether this is your first National or your 15th National, your always pumped when the show opens up.
Right away, people flocked to anything that had Mike Trout Rookies. I can’t begin to tell you how many times we were asked “Which product do you think has the best Trout Rookies” or “Which year is Trout in”. I’m sure Trout singles throughout the show were getting bought up because the Wax was flying. 2009 Bowman Draft BB, 2009 Bowman Sterling BB, 2011 Bowman Platinum,2010 Bowman Platinum BB,2011 Bowman Sterling BB, 2011 Topps Finest 1 Baseball, 2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball, 2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects Hits Series 1…they were all selling by the Box and Cases.

Then came the wave of redemption eligible products. In a way, it felt like a non-stop feeding frenzy on wax. Collectors were prepared and knew what to target. Likewise, we were prepared and knew what to bring. Panini’s $6500 VIP night promotion for Saturday night was a promotion that generated A LOT of interest and buzz. With only an estimated 50 slots available, collectors who had the intention of attending the event came and bought. We sold through a ton of Panini product the first few days. Some products sold better than others as expected. Panini’s wrapper redemption program was a huge draw for both Box & case breakers.

Topps’ 2012 Bowman Platinum Box redemption was another very popular promotion. With only 100 sets given away each day, the lines were long and they started early. Those fortunate enough to get a set were generously rewarded. Hearing rumors that sets were going for $100-$150 in the secondary market. That pretty much made the Bowman Platinum BB Box FREE! For those who missed out on the Bowman Platinum, Topps had a very successful Qypsy Queen promo that lasted throughout the day and was affordable for everyone. We also sold through a lot of the 1952 Topps reprint 5 cards sets.

ITG/Sportkings: Maybe it was because we were right across from them this year but the breaking at the Sportkings booth was NON STOP. We saw Master case after master case of SportKings E being busted. They had a frenzy of their own going on at their booth. Collectors would come and break and there would be a certain group of buyers just waiting to purchase the extra letters, big hits, 1/1 cards, Art cards….pretty much any big hits had an offer on the spot. We were hearing that short printed letters were being sold for $40-$50 immediately and 1/1 art cards were going for anywhere from $600-$1500 on the spot. Collectors were coming over and over again to buy SK E. The ITG Broad Street and Ultimate memorabilia were also strong sellers.
The one comment we did hear a lot from collectors ripping SK was that the owner of the company was there All day and throughout the day. Anytime you have the final decision maker of the company live and in person at the show able to make decisions for collectors on the fly, it is a huge advantage and collectors know and recognize the service provided. In many ways, it’s not always about the money spent or the cards given away, it’s the attention that collectors get especially when it comes from the President of the company.

Leaf: Leaf had a huge presence at the show. Their booth size may have been twice as large as some of the other corporate sponsors. Because their range of redemption products were so diverse, we had continual sales in all catagories. Leaf Best of Baseball was tops on the list.

Onyx: The response from collectors was this was a company that is growing it’s niche. The baseballs that they had available were absolutely stunning and the uncut sheets must have been a hit because we saw collectors walking around with them everywhere. The checklist for their products has really captured the attention of the prospecting audience. Give Onyx a little time and they could one day become one of the premier manufacturers in our business.

HAC: The Historic Autograph company may have hands down had the best single redemption at the show this year. If your going to do just one redemption, you might as well do it right and make an impact and that they did. It was basically a buy one get one free cut signature from the Legends of the Hall product. It was such a popular promotion and did sell out at the show but instead of ending it there, they let collectors continue the redemption by taking their information and mailing the card to them in a few weeks. A very nice gesture from them to do this rather than just ending the promotion.

Press Pass: Although Press Pass was not at the show, they provided select vendors with promo packs to giveaway with a box purchase. Those packs were absolutely LOADED. 2012 Showcase racing was the product collectors were chasing.

Upper Deck: We sold through quite a bit of UD products. It was pretty much a broad range of items but 2012 UD FB stood out based on the price point. We did hear about a few RG3 a Lebron and a Gretsky Auto being pulled. You can’t beat some of the names/spokeman that they have to offer in their redemptions.

Will try to post more during the rest of the show….if your coming to the show, please stop by the Blowoutcards Booth D2 !

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