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Old 08-13-2012, 06:25 PM   #1
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Default Ebay Non Paying Bidder to block - gsworld1

gsworld1 bid on my card at last few minutes only to not pay after the NPB warnings. Waste of time!
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Old 08-27-2012, 03:25 PM   #2
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Bump because:

eBay My World - gsworld1

Aug 5: Item ended no payment

Aug 9 NPB strike initiated no payment

Aug 13: NPB strike accidently closed on my ipad (fat fingered) as buyer payed though buyer did not actually pay. I immediately contacted ebay about the error which they could not revert me back, only just refund credit. note this did not officially end the auction for the first one, i just gave up on dude.

Aug 14: relisted

Aug 21: at same day as relist ended and that buyer paid, gsworld1 pays. I immediately refund gsworld1's payment.

then this email chain pursues:

i won this item and instead of sending it your relisting it, im reporting you and will see your selling privileges are taken away

trust me, i had it packaged and ready to go to you. i was just waiting for the payment sent message. i never got that. i did a NPB strike then mistakenly on my ipad ended case in your favor but then i contacted ebay right away about it. i have messages and resent invoices to prove i tried. and they can see the paypal payment date and how long it took. sorry you didnt email me or anything. i was willing to work with you if you needed more time to pay. but you didnt reply to me.

gsworld1: clearly i paid you, you refunded my money

check the item end date and compare it to the date you paid.

gsworld1: It doesnt matter as long as the item is mine you cant sell twice, i hope you enjoyed selling on ebay because that was probably your last item unless i receive the card

Just read some of his feedback as well, they are negative posted on a positive. DONT WAIST YOUR TIME.
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Wow what a joke. He needs his purchasing privileges taken away.
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