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Default WTB Fantasy masterpieces and others

Looking for Vol 1 #1-11 (1966)

Have slots on the wall and the colors on these books as well as how inexpensive they are,would be a nice group to display

Sadly I did not have this idea until I lost an auction lastnight for a #1 in VF/NM that went for 21.00. My thinking was that most of these sell for 5-12.00 for VG-F+ so I felt 15.00 was fair as I would put it on the wall at 25.00 which left me a 5.00 profit margin after shipping.
Oh well
I am also after Captain America silver-age 12-15 cent covers (no 20 cent and up) with white backgrounds and PREFERABLY the Red skull on the front....they just LOOK good

ALSO looking for The Eternals #1-13 for Warmouth. he likes the books and I figured I would wait till they came into the store,but only 13 and 14 have came in so I figure I will see if anyone here has them. Passed up a few runs on the Bay hoping to save money since these are being given away

also looking for Late Silver-age and early bronze age Horror.
TBH F+ or better since these do not sell for a whole lot meaning VG or down would sit forever.

I think Silver/Bronze Horror will be a re-surging genre in the next few years for collectors so I am going with my gut and buying now

I can buy if the prices or right or I can trade.
i doubt anyone on any forum has as large a collection of chew as I have :P
I also have around 11k books at the shop and my primary focus there is silver/Golden with a focus on 4-color and westerns
I Collect Marbles,Amazing Spider-man comics and tears! Mr. Sensitivity at your service
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