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Default Alabaster Wolves

I saw another thread on this but there were none in THIS forum.

I believe the print run for #1 was just over 6k making it low.
It was originally a 5 part mini but dark horse seems to know that it is a gem and announced I think 12 more issues. I was lucky enough to grab 3 of each cover plus 3 of each issue to complete 3 full runs of this.

so what im saying is think that this book is a sleeping giant

Quoted from another source
"It was announced in the #5 letter column that Alabaster will continue with a 12-part story in Dark Horse Presents beginning in November. Reading between the lines, this tells me that the company believes in the concept, but the orders for the first arc of the series were disappointing (and they definitely were hovering around the 4K range).

The hardcover collection comes out in February and that should give the series a boost. If the DHP story is well received and the hardcover sells well, then I expect we'll get another Alabaster series (perhaps an ongoing) in early 2014."

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Dark Horse and Sleeping Giant do not mix.

They just never got a niche past Aliens and Predator in the 90's
Also, mini runs seem to flounder faster than they spike.
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Old 08-25-2012, 12:51 AM   #3
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I think the variants the way to go for this book.. it does have a big following with the ladies.. ever see the prices for alabaster first print "book" going for a pretty penny. the hardcore fans will pay an arm and a leg for that book..
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