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Default Drafting a Top Player You Don't Need as Trade Bait?

Just drafted in one of my leagues and ended up with this roster. This is for my only "free" league so nothing rides on it compared to my other leagues.

10 teams, Snake Draft. I had the 3rd overall pick (Foster)

Drafted Cam Newton in the fourth round after already drafting Eli Manning (probably could've drafted Newton THEN Manning too), thinking I could use one of them as trade bait for a RB/WR. This is a league that puts a premium on TDs.

Smart move or too risky when money's on the line? Here's my roster:

Eli Manning - QB
Arian Foster - RB
Stevan Ridley - RB
Antonio Brown - WR
Demaryius Thomas - WR
Jimmy Graham - TE
Doug Martin - FLEX
Stephen Gostkowski - K
Ravens - DEF

Cam Newton - QB
Andrew Luck - QB
Jonathan Dwyer - RB
Ryan Williams - RB
Nate Washington - WR
Malcom Floyd - WR
Dustin Keller - TE
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very nice team
i love some of ur young players
love antonio brown demarious doug martin and jimmy

also think ridley can break out
would start newton over eli
try to bunch like brown demarius and eli for a low end rb and a good wr like greg jennings
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Why in the hell would you draft eli before the 4th round and before newton anyways?

and how in the hell did newton last till the 4th round too, lol.

as for your team, WR seems pretty week, won't get steady points from probably any of them, otherwise its not bad, got some gifts with foster at 3 and newton in the fourth

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