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Default True Blood case break. Some highs and lows.

My case finally arrived today and it was definitely a wild ride.

I did end up missing 1 Shadowbox card.

These are in the order I opened them.

Box 0485/7000

Lizzy Caplan FB auto Very Limited
Stephen Moyer auto Extremely Limited

Box 2477/7000

Mariana Klaveno auto Limited
Don Swayze auto Limited

Box 4553/7000

Adina Porter Limited
Brit Morgan FB auto Limited

Box 3445/7000

Lauren Bowles auto Limited
Raoul Trujillo FB auto Limited

Box 0483/7000

Dan Buran FB auto Limited
Courtney Ford auto Limited

Box 5398/7000

Mariana Klaveno FB auto Limited
Kevin Alejandro auto Limited

Box 3446/7000

Lindsay Pulsipher FB auto Limited
Dan Buran auto Limited

Box 1520/7000

Don Swayze FB auto Limited
Jim Parrack auto Limited

Box 6534/7000

Carrie Preston auto Limited
Michael Raymond-James auto Limited
Eric Shadowbox

Box 2478/7000

Jessica Tuck auto Limited
Jessica Tuck auto Limited
Sookie Shadowbox

Box 5399/7000

Anna Camp auto Limited
Courtney Ford FB auto Limited

Box 0484/7000

Anna Paquin auto Extremely Limited
Marshall Allman FB auto Limited
Bill Shadowbox


Anna Paquin EL
Stephen Moyer EL
Lizzy Caplan FB VL
Mariana Klaveno
Don Swayze
Adina Porter
Lauren Bowles
Courtney Ford
Kevin Alejandro
Dan Buran
Jim Parrack
Carrie Preston
Michael Raymond James
Jessica Tuck x2
Anna Camp
Brit Morgan FB
Raoul Trujillo FB
Mariana Klaveno FB
Lindsay Pulsipher FB
Don Swayze FB
Courtney Ford FB
Marshall Allman FB

After a great first box it was looking pretty bleak going into the final box, 10 straight boxes without even 1 more VL auto, and not even a Woll out of the Limiteds, but the last box saved the day.

Huh, I just noticed the boxes with the Moyer and Paquin were consecutively numbered, 0484 and 0485.
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