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Default Ebay Shipping Error

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a card from ebay for $100. I live in Ireland and the seller in the US. I buy the majority of my cards from America and never had a problem. They usually arrive with 5 business days and over a week passed so I decided to contact the seller asking when exactly he shipped and for confirmation of the shipping address. However instead of shipping to Ireland it was shipped to Iceland. Is there anything I can do? I contacted the seller and he said the card may be redirected but its been a week again since and still nothing.

Any advice? All appreciated, thanks.
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If the seller mailed it to the wrong country then I would just ask for a refund. If it comes back to them then you can buy it again at that point.
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That is so shady how it was shipped to Iceland. The seller should have double checked where he was sending the item. If it was shipped to Iceland then you have a 50/50 shot of it going to the address he sent it to or the package being undeliverable and it being shipped back to him. Ask for a refund and then open a case whenever you can. Tell him you want the refund and if it comes back to him you will pay him to reship it.
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About a week has passed without contact from him, messaged him 2 days ago and heard nothing so I opened a dispute with paypal. See what he says there and hopefully with get a refund from him
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Likely the card will be returned to the seller. If he can catch the error (and had tracking), likely he could get it rerouted with some help from the USPS. But I'd expect it will be returned to the seller in likely 4-6 weeks (as they will try to deliver it so the seller is now likely hoping that it does get returned to them). You'll win your paypal case (if I was the seller I'd just refund now), but try and stay in contact with you as soon as it is returned to them, I'd contact you and see if the offer still stood, recheck the address once payment resubmitted and hope the 2nd time you get the card you wanted. Good luck
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