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Default Little help swapping WR and RB prospects...

I drafted WAY back on August 10th and got MJD in the 1st at the 8th spot. I'm weak at RB and fairly decent at WR. I'm thinking about ditching a WR and grabbing Jonathan Dwyer (pittsburgh) or Alex Green (green bay) in case either bust out. I also considered Lamar Miller in Miami or Phillip Tanner in Dallas (long-longshots, I know).

QUESTION IS: If you were going to drop a WR would you drop Moss? Or would you leave my WR roster and drop a handcuff*?
My thinking is that if Dwyer starts over Redman, he'll fill in nicely until Mendenhall (or MJD) hits the field. I just don't know who to drop...Thoughts??

My Receivers:
Julio Jones
Dwayne Bowe
Justin Blackmon
Piere Garcon
Reggie Wayne
Titus Young
Randy Moss

Running Backs:
Mojo Drew
Demarco Murray
Beanie Wells
Ryan Williams*
Felix Jones*
Robert Turbin*

Quarterbacks: Romo & Russell Wilson

TE: Gronk

ESPN standard 10 team league.
Always looking for ANYTHING Aaron Rodgers!!! (especially oddball items)
iCollect: Packers RC Autos, Aaron Rodgers RC Parallels, Jordy Nelson & Reggie White

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Wouldnt drop moss just yet. He has a lot to prove.
You might pick up rashad jennings because who knows whats going on with mjd
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