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Default Wednesday Market Report. Here's what you need to know:

The 2012 NFL Season starts tonight and FB is on fire ! 2012 FB products are running up across the board.

Keep an eye on the following:
2012 Topps Finest Football
2012 Topps Inception Football
2012 Topps Jumbo Football
2012 Bowman Signatures Football
2012 Panini Elite Football

Starting to see the following dry up:
2011 Panini Totally Certified Football
2012 Leaf Autographed Mini Helmet Football
2011 UD SP Authentic Football
2011 Panini Contenders Football
2011 Topps Supreme Football
2009 Playoff Contenders Football

Dealers are chasing cases on:
2011 Playoff National Treasures Football
2008 Playoff National Treasures Football
2011 UD Exquisite Football
2011 Topps Prime Football

It's pretty much all over the place and across the board buying. It should start to narrow down to specific years and products after the first few weeks of the season but for now, everything in FB is selling.

Keep an eye on these products. These have a good shot at running based on demand and price point:

2012 Topps Finest Football
2012 Topps Inception Football
2011 Topps Inception Football Hobby
2011 Topps Five Star Football Hobby
2011 Topps Finest Football Hobby
2011 Topps Chrome Football Hobby
2011 Topps Triple Threads Football Hobby
2011 Panini Gold Standard Football Hobby
2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football Hobby
2011 Playoff Contenders Football Hobby
2011 Bowman Sterling Football Hobby
2010 Topps Chrome Football Hobby
2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Football Hobby
2009 Topps Chrome Football Hobby
2009 Playoff Contenders Football Hobby
2009 Bowman Chrome Football Hobby

On to Baseball...keep an eye on the following products. Have a feeling they could run even more.

2011 Bowman Draft Baseball
2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball
2012 Topps Chrome Baseball
2011 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2012 Topps Finest Baseball
2011 Topps Tier One Baseball
2012 Topps Minis Baseball

If your going to put away products, these are Must buys based on what we're selling and what we have a hard time restocking. 12 months from now, I think you will be very happy to have put these products away:

2012 Bowman 1 HTA Jumbos Baseball
2011 Bowman Draft Baseball
2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball
2011 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball
2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball

Keep an eye on 2011/12 Panini Prime Hockey. This product is loaded. Cards that are normally 1-2 per case hits are turning up 1 per BOX. This is one of those products that collectors continue to come back for and break. Manufacturers usually load up 1-2 products a year and it's normally the products that are overlooked and under ordered. Prime delivered an extra hit per box which could mean they cut initial production. This product will run.

Next week is a huge week for new releases. We count 10 products so far although we may get 1-2 delays.

2012 Benchwarmer Daizy Dukez
2012 Leaf History of Baseball Cut Signature Edition
2012 Topps Platinum Football
2012 Panini Momentum Football
2012 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball
2012 Press Pass Fanfare Racing
2011/12 ITG Heroes & Prospects Hockey Update Set
2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends
2012/13 Panini Prestige Basketball
2011/12 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey

A few additional notes:

1) The Topps online phenomenon with 2012 Topps Mini Baseball continues. This was a product that was overlooked by many. They had the product at the National convention at $50 and then had the product on their website at $50 for a few weeks. Breakers knew it was a very good product as singles were fetching top dollar on ebay. It will be difficult to repeat this again for future products as everyone will be ordering the next "On-line" exclusive in hopes to catch the next run. There are a reported 300 or so cases of Mini's produced. This could be one of the scarcest print runs of any recent/modern product in years. Sort of a test product. If you have the means to do so, may not be a bad idea to put some boxes or a Case away while they are still in stock.

2) Have to continue to pound the table on 2011 Bowman Draft Baseball, 2011 Bowman Sterling Baseball and 2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball. These will continually move higher every month and I think you will be happy a year from now if you put some of these away. The 2011 Bowman Draft especially could be the best Bowman Draft ever produced. The Bowman Sterling is better than 2009 which is a $400+ box centered around Trout and the Bowman Chrome will move when Harper does.

3) We're going to try and keep the 2012 FB season exciting ! We have Forum promo's and twitter promo's planned all season long. Here are a few links below. Be sure to follow us also on twitter @blowoutcards
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I wonder what the ceiling is for 2011 Baseball products, in particular BDP&P? $100+ a hobby box?
Always willing to talk shop or B/S/T.
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we have 60 of the 96 slots filled in the first football promo #1 above - does anyone know what happens if it doesn't get filled? do they still draw the names and just assign blank ones too?
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