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Default The Gerber Generation Photo Search 2012 - Baseball Contest - Please Vote! :)

Some of you have seen this thread in the off topic section, but I have decided to take it up a notch....please read below for contest details!

I am asking the crew here on Blowout to vote for my son in the Gerber Generation Photo Search Contest if you have some time and don't mind helping me out. You can vote every 24 hours, and this contest will run for 13 more days. I'm hoping to make a final push! Thanks in advance if you vote for my 4 year old son Ethan (I think he is pretty doggone cute)!

The link will take you to Facebook and I think you will have to log in. Once you do, it should show my son's picture and then I think you have to "like" the picture or whatever to vote.

Contest Info:

Each and every time you vote (once a day) you will receive one entry in my contest. You will have to post here that you voted or you can send me a private message saying you voted. If you vote 1 time, you get 1 entry. If you vote all 13 days, you get 13 entries.

I will be running the contest in the baseball, football, and basketball sections. I will notice if you say you voted in all 3 threads and it will still only count as 1 entry! The only guideline I have is that you have at least 10 positive feedback. I will take anyone's vote, but I am going on the honor system because I can't see who votes or even how many votes my son has. Hopefully, we have some honest people out there!

****If you have already posted that you voted or sent me a pm that you voted they already count as entries in the contest.****

Prizes: I will randomize all of the entries when the Gerber contest is over and one winner from each section will receive a prize package of there favorite team (game-used, auto, base, inserts, etc.). Basically, I will hook someone up with a nice package of cards for their pc.

If somehow my son wins the Gerber contest, I will be giving away a free box of cards in each section!! I will of course buy the boxes through Blowout and ship them to you!! I am not going to say that you can choose any box, but I will make it a nice selection.

I reserve the right to add details/edit the contest if some of you smart people think of some kind of loophole or think of something else I haven't.

Good luck and the voting may begin!!
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