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Default Is it worth a DSR ding?

Sold a guy on Ebay a couple of cards last month and after 5 days of no payment (my auctions state payment expected within 3 days of auction ending) I sent him a message as a reminder saying that he still owed. This was on 8/29. He replies and says he's "a bit behind," and can he pay on 9/7. I told him I'd give him until Friday 8/31 before opening a UPI Case, and of course, he paid up the next day.

Totally forgot about the user ID, and sold him another item 4 days ago view BIN (OBO, so couldn't do payment required at time of purchase). Anyway, just messaged him saying that I will be out of town Friday-Sunday and to please pay tomorrow so I could get the card out to him. His response, "sorry, it'll have to be after the weekend. thanx."

To me it's the principle of the matter. Don't buy things if you can't afford to pay for them. He'll surely ding my Communication DSR or whichever others he can if I open a UPI Case, but I REALLY want to....

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I don't see one DSR ding hurting you that bad, but who's to say he won't neutral or neg you? Seems like the type of person that cares little about others, so I'd be concerned about that. I understand what you're saying about the principle of the matter, but it's just not worth the hassle of getting a neutral or negative, then trying to have it removed. If it's not a high-ticket item, I'd just let him on Monday, then block him...and post his ID.
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