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Default NPB to Block + Semi-Entertaining Excuse

Had a guy make an off eBay offer on one of my cards, I countered with what I'd take on eBay, he placed an offer on eBay that was in the middle, and I accepted. The entire back-and-forth was probably three days. So it's not like he accidentally backed into anything. Anyways, next day after I accept he asks for a scan of the back of the card, which I thought was odd as a) it was a graded card and b) he already made multiple offers on it. I oblige. The next day, I get this message:

Dear itsvelvethoop,

Hello, I am my husbands wife and My husband just got put in jail last night and wont be out for a while. sorry for the incovience but he is not gonna buy this. just put it back up for sale.


- kevinsiefert2011
Sorry, not buying that. At the same time, I know there's no shot whatsoever about receiving payment here, so I respond with:

Dear kevinsiefert2011,

Weird, I got put in jail last night, too. Still here. So I'm going to need that money to post bail. We have a binding contract after all. Send that money when you get a chance. Thanks.

- itsvelvethoop
In the meantime, he's bid on and won a couple low-end items; his feedback has gone from 25 to 30. Must have good wifi in jail these days. Needless to say, the NPB case closed today, and I received my final value fee credit. So if you want to avoid a headache like this, block kevinsiefert2011. Or maybe you like creative excuse stories on why a buyer can't pay. In which case, solicit offers from this gentleman.
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