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Default trades

Injuries have hit me early on. I was thinking of picking up another RB. Standard league, 12 teams. start 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 rb/wr. Thinking of making a trade for another RB.

I have the following for RB:

Forte - Injured
Steven Jackson- Injured
Donald Brown - eh

The following for WR:
Heyward Bey

I was looking to trade a WR for a RB since I have injuries. RBs available are Michael Turner, Shonn Greene, maybe Ben Tate, maybe Willis McGahee.

What's a fair trade for a guy like Turner or Greene. I was thinking maybe Decker for 1 of them, or is that too cheap? What about Bowe/Brown for Turner/Greene? Would Tate for Bowe straight up be fair? And finally, what would you give up for McGahee?
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I would avoid Turner atm, as he just got busted for dui. He may get suspension or something so I'm not touching him atm. Shonn Greene may be valuable, especially if it becomes "Tebow time" and they start running the ball like they did in Denver? I don't know. I'd go after Willis first, then Shonn then Ben. You can definitely afford to give up decker or Heyward Bey if needed. Garcon should be back very soon and he's RG3's number 1. I like him a lot.
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