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Default Magic: The Gathering lot FS/FT... also vampires

Hello all! I recently pulled out my box of Magic cards in response to another thread here on the forums where someone was looking to buy/trade M:TG cards. Nothing came of it, but I figured they are out of storage, why not try to find them a good home?

I played in college with a few close friends. We never collected with card value in mind - just to have fun - but I did take care of my cards. After college I put them away and they have traveled with me ever since, I've unfortunately never played since. All of these cards are definitely used but in well-cared-for condition... though nothing worthy of a Beckett submission...

All of these cards are 1994-95, 80-90% having white borders. Here's a general list of what I've got...

RED - 8 cards - 4 orcs and 4 Disintegrate.

BLUE - 7 cards - Phantom Monster, Fishliver Oil, Air Elemental, Drowned, Giant Shark & Deep Spawn

WHITE - 27 land, 49 creatures/other

BLACK - 20 land, 41 creatures/other

GREEN - 42 land, 106 creatures/other - The green deck was my preferred deck and I had two, so these cards amount to 2 different decks that I used - one that was 'elf-centric' and one that was more 'forest-based' with lots of thallid-type creatures.

ARTIFACTS - 44 cards


There is also 6 of the original mini-manuals - 2 black and white covers, 2 Deckmaster color covers, and 2 Ice Age.

So, that's 349 cards...

I also have two of those "premade" decks, I think purchased later to (unsuccessfully) try to get back into playing... one is called "Torment" Sacrilege deck (2002) and the other is "Legions" Elvish Rage deck (2003). They are both complete in box and were never used. Each of these decks include 60 cards and a rule guide inside.

Now were at 425 cards...

The rest of the box is Jyhad, the vampire card game. There are 47 character cards (brown back) and 198 regular cards (green back) and all have the "Jyhad" backs. All of these cards are in excellent condition. There is also two mini instruction manuals for this game.

I understand Jyhad isn't everybody's thing, so I'm fine with trading/selling the Magic lot and Jyhad lot separately or together. I'm also not looking for some grand 'return on investment' either... that ship has sailed. Just want to find them a good home and get a little something in return.

For trade, I collect Reds, Bucs, Islanders, WWE and Sandra Taylor Benchwarmer, kind of in that order. I do collect some nonsports, but I'm pretty picky. Celebrity autos and sketch cards mostly. Some Marvel/DC related stuff, mostly fun inserts.

I've seen similar lots go on ebay for wildly varying prices, probably depending on what rare cards are in there. I doubt there's any in here, and I wouldn't know it if there was.

If you are looking for specific cards, PM me and I will check later today to see what's in there. Pics you say...? I can send some snapshots of some if you like, but I'd prefer to shoot pics of groups or a few singles, not every individual card.

I think I have to put a price on items in the FS/FT forums, so how about $25 obo for the Magic and $35 for Magic and Jyhad?

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to put as much detail as possible. Thanks for reading!
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End of weekend bump... any Magic fans in need of some extras?
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