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Default My Kinda-New Theory on Building a Fantasy Team

I know this is long, but read it, I really think it could help some people, I don't think I'm some fantasy genius but I think I'm on to something

First of all, this really only works for auction drafts, not so much with snake because the talent level is rather evenly distributed and I say this is kinda new because it's not brand new, I used it last year and I absolutely dominated my league

Everyone is obsessed with RB's, have been for years, well it's time for me to tell you that theory needs to go out the window and fast. It's just not a RB driven league for fantasy purposes anymore, there's to many committee situations and not enough bell cow backs that it's worth investing heavily in RB's.

Let the rest of your league waste their money on the top RB's, you don't need them to win, not at all, all you need is two solid ones, that's it, and if they turn out anything better than solid, nobody will come close to you over the course of the season.

Save your money and load up on WR's as it's now a passing league, and if you know what you're doing, you can just dominate your league this way. As I say this, I guess it really depends on your league's starting lineup, my 12 team league is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR, WR/TE, so if you're loaded at WR you can really do some major damage.

Last year I had Roddy, VJax, Colston, Julio, Graham, and then traded for Gronk halfway through the season, so Roddy, VJax, Colston, Graham, Gronk were my starters. Now you see why I dominated last year, started off 2-2 and then won every week for the final 13 to take the title.

This year, I have Green, Torrey, Bowe, Harvin, Antonio Brown and as long as Miles Austin doesn't have 15 points tomorrow night, I'll go into next week with the top 3 WR's in fantasy in Green, Torrey, and Bowe.

Now here is where the SOLID RB scenario comes in

Normally when guys load up on WR's in their drafts, they go for the boom or bust guys at RB, but that's the mistake, with those type of top level guys at every other starting spot, they become what used to be those top level RB's. So in your RB's you need to replace what used to be your WR's, volume guys who are guaranteed to get you average points every week because they'll touch it enough times.

This year I went with BenJarvus and Sproles, neither is going to be spectacular most weeks, but they're almost never going to get me less than 8 points with their upside being in the 15 point range, not going to blow anyone away, but I don't need them to when I'm starting 3 or 4 WR 1's every week in a 12 team league

Yes, it's a big risk to take because if you don't take the right WR's you're screwed from day one, but it's about building the best TEAM, not having the best couple players, solid points all around will win you more games than you'll lose.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now, was just pretty pumped when I saw I might have the top 3 WR's going into next week.

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