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Default NL Wild Card MLB 2k12 SIMULATION GAME- Braves Win!

So I cranked up the difficulty to max, did everything I could to make the rosters match the game tomorrow and played as the Braves. Coming into the 7th inning, both teams had 3 hits with no score.

It wasn't until the 7th inning that I was able to get 2 or more hits in one inning off of Kyle Lohse. The bleeding started when Chipper Jones hit a single to lead off the 7th. During the next at bat Jones scored from 1st on a Freddie Freeman double to deep left-center. Freeman advanced to 3rd on a Dan Uggla ground out, and scored on a suicide squeeze bunt from David Ross.

Kris Medlen gave up 3 hits with no runs through 7 innings for the Braves. Jonny Venters gave up 2 consecutive singles to start the 8th but the Cards hit into a double play and the final batter of the inning struck out. Craig Kimbrel gave up a single to start the top of the 9th(David Ross called 3 straight sliders during this at-bat and that is usually a bad idea but I pitched what Ross called the entire game) but then proceeded to strike out 3 straight Cards to secure Atlanta's Play-In victory.

Usually my simulation games work out to be pretty close to the final scores in real life, I do everything I can to make it as realistic as possible, but I've been wrong a few times. I hope I'm not wrong tomorrow. Dang I'm nervous just because of the fact that if the Braves lose I'm done watching baseball this year and that means winter is coming and that sucks.

I'm done with my 2006-2010 Jason Heyward mega PC pretty much, so I hope that he has an unbelievable post season and his cards get up closer to what they should be worth. He was the #1 prospect in 2010, same as Harper and all the other good young guys. He has the potential to be even better. The guy plays hard every day and he's a slugger with oh, I don't know, 4 other plus tools making him a legitimate 5-Tool THREAT. Having a 20/20 season in your third year shows signs that yes, he is heading in the right direction to mature into a super star.

Sophomore slump + nagging injury= 2011 for J-Hey. Hopefully it was just a case of really bad luck and that won't happen ever again. All signs point to 2011 being a fluke now that Heyward has had 2 good seasons. I am so glad I stuck through last season and didn't sell any of my PC. I was a nervous mess because I have invested thousands in J-Hey and I seriously thought I gambled my $ away there for awhile. Now I think he's going to keep getting better and I will have a nice investment for my son's future. Heyward had impressed me so much while he was in the Braves minor league system that I went all out and bought all I could afford of his. Now I pick up gold, red refractors of the stuff I don't have. I have one 1/1 auto relic. I love watching Jason Heyward play, the guy is super talented and I wish him and the rest of the Braves much luck for tomorrow. Go get 'em guys.

I have a feeling that the game tomorrow is going to be a tight one, almost like a chess match between Fredi G. and Michael Matheny. After his performance so far starting games, I feel very confident having Kris Medlen out there to start but there is also a looming sense of gloom because this hot winning streak that Medlen is on can't last forever and you never know when that bad game is going to come along that snaps it. Can't think of a worse time than tomorrow really. Tomorrow is the only game he's started this year that we absolutely HAVE TO WIN. Hopefully he pitches well with all the extra pressure of both his teammates and the fans. He was a relief pitcher so I think he's more than capable of keeping cool when he's on the mound, so we will see who out-duels who tomorrow afternoon.

Good luck Cards fans.

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