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Cool 2008 Topps American Heritage RETAIL 2 Case Break

8 boxes per case, 24 packs per box

Okay--first mistake I made was buying retail thinking I was getting the odds on the Blowout page. They have the hobby odds on the product description. Now it's my fault for not reading that more closely, but I wanted to warn anyone else who might miss that.

So, instead of 2 auto or relics cards per box, it was 1 relic per box. And except for one box, it was the President patch /50 cards. Based on that, either the odds on the pack were wrong for those (1:44) or I'm the luckiest man alive when it comes to President patch cards. They seem to sell fairly well, so I'm not too upset about that.

The cards themselves are pretty cool--you have a wide variety of historical figures done in different styles of historic Topps baseball cards. You get a few Chrome variations per box /1776 and I got two Chrome refractors per case /76. I also hit one of the /199 baseball legends cards for Jackie Robinson.

My biggest hit was the Obama "American Presidents" card, which looks like a $30-50 card (this one has the American flag icon, not the Democratic Party icon).

The President patches I got were (all /50):

B. Harrison, M. Van Buren, C. Coolidge x2, J. Buchanan, W. McKinley x2, J. Madison, B. Clinton x2, G. H. W. Bush, G. W. Bush, G. Cleveland, W. H. Taft, J. Polk

My non-President patch relic was an expired redemption for a Jesse Ventura relic of some kind

My Chrome refractors were: John Paul Jones (Revolutionary War), Clarence Birdseye (Inventor), Peyton Randolph (Revolutionary Hero), and John Hancock (Revolutionary Hero)

The subsets and inserts for this product seem to still sell pretty well, so with some work I should do fair-to-okay on these cases (I'm guess at 20-30% loss). I thought with the election coming up, that might help with interest on some of these subjects.

All will be on eBay once I get them scanned and researched for prices.

I should have a case of HOBBY 2009 American Heritage later today and hopefully that will yield some more interesting hits.
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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