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Default 2007 Topps Tx Exclusive Football


Configuration: 8 boxes/12 packs/10 cards

2007 Topps TX Exclusive will showcase Topps Exclusive Autographed game-used Super Bowl and Pro Bowl ticket stub cards from up to 100 Super Bowl veterans and up to 50 legendary retired players!

With 2 autographed authentic ticket stub cards, 2 autographed rookie cards, 2 jersey Relic cards, and 2 game-used ticket stub Relic cards per box, Topps TX Exclusive is the perfect football card collection for Super Bowl fans and card collectors everywhere!

* 2 autographed cards with game-used ticket stubs
* 2 autographed rookie cards
* 2 jersey Relic cards
* 2 game-used ticket stub Relics


* Tier 1(10) - Seq #'d to 399.
* Tier 2(20) - Seq #'d to 599.
* Tier 3(25) - Seq #'d to 799.
* Tier 4(45) - Seq #'d to 999.

Autographed Rookie Variations - 30 of the above rookies will have sequentially numbered Autographed Rookie Variations.

Legends - Up to 50 subjects, seq #'d to 649.

PARALLEL CARDS - 4 per box
Gold Tickets(250) - Seq #'d to 10.
Silver Tickets(250) - Seq #'d to 49.
Bronze Tickets(250) - Seq #'d to 149.

Super Bowl Ticket Stub - Each card features a game-used Super Bowl ticket stub card and an autograph from an NFL star who appeared in that game, including Tom Brady, Steve Smith, Donovan McNabb, and Jerome Bettis!
* Super Bowl Luxury Box - A parallel version of the same players showcased above. All one of one!

Super Bowl Classic Matchup Ticket Stubs - Up to 20 former Super Bowl opponents pair up with their signatures and ticket stubs from the game in which they competed against one another. For example, Joe Montana and Dan Marino will be featured together along with Emmitt Smith and Thurman Thomas. Seq #'d to 20.

Super Bowl MVP Ticket Stubs - Former Super Bowl MVPs with their autograph and ticket stub from their victorious game. Includes Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, and John Elway. Seq #'d to 20.

Super Bowl Franchise Heroes - Unique dual-sided cards will highlight two former Super Bowl teammates with their autographs and two authentic ticket stubs from the game in which they played together. For instance, Hines Ward and Jerome Bettis will appear together, along with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, as well as Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett. Seq #'d to 20.

Pro Bowl Ticket Stubs - 20 NFL stars from the last two Pro Bowls will be showcased with their autograph on ticket stubs from their Pro Bowl appearance. Michael Vick, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Larry Johnson will be among the NFL stars featured.
* Pro Bowl Luxury Box - A parallel version of the same players showcased above. All one of one!

FRANCHISE WINNING TICKETS - Up to 30 players appear on single and double-player cards. The single player cards are sequentially numbered to 299 and the dual-player cards are seq #'d to 149.

Parallel Cards
* Gold Parallel - Single player cards seq #'d to 25; Dual-player cards seq #'d to 10.
* Silver Parallel - Single player cards sequentially numbered to 49; Dual-player cards seq #'d to 25.

Relic Cards
Franchise Winning Ticket Patches - Featuring game-worn NFL patches. Single player cards will be seq #'d to 15; Dual-player cards will be seq #'d to 5.

Franchise Winning Tickets - Featuring game-worn jersey swatches from the NFL season. Single player cards will be seq #'d to 99; Dual-player cards will be seq #'d to 49.

Autographed Relics
Franchise Winning Ticket Patch - Up to 30 subjects shown with their autograph and NFL patch. Seq #'d to 5.

Franchise Winning Ticket - Up to 30 players appear with their autograph and a piece from their game-worn jersey. Seq #'d to 10.

SEASON TICKET - Up to 19 NFL veterans, such as Michael Vick, and LaDainian Tomlinson, who have spent more than six years with the same team. Seq #'d to 399.

Parallel Cards
* Gold - Seq #'d to 10.
* Silver - Seq #'d to 49.
* Bronze - Seq #'d to 99.

Relic Cards
Season Ticket Patches - Highlighting up to 19 players and their game-worn jersey patches. Seq #'d to 25.

Season Ticket - Featuring the same 19 NFL stars with game-worn jersey swatches. Seq #'d to 199.

Autographed Relics
Season Ticket Patch Autographs - Up to 19 veterans are showcased with their autographs and NFL game-worn jersey fragments. Seq #'d to 10.

TICKET TO STARDOM - Highlighting 22 players from the past three draft classes, such as superstars Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and Vince Young. Seq #'d to 499.

Parallel Cards
* Gold - Seq #'d to 10.
* Silver - Seq #'d to 49.
* Bronze - Seq #'d to 99.

Relic Cards
Ticket to Stardom Patches - 22 subjects appear with their game-worn NFL jersey patches. Seq #'d to 49.

Ticket to Stardom - 22 players are showcased with swatches from their game-worn NFL jerseys. Seq #'d to 199.

Autographed Relics
Ticket to Stardom Patch Autographs - The same 22 subjects are highlighted with their signatures and game-worn jersey patches. Seq #'d to 5.

Ticket to Stardom - Featuring game-worn jersey pieces and autographs from the same 22 players. Seq #'d to 10.
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