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Default Garbage Pail Kids 2012 Launch Day Break

Went to target before going to work for my dad because I needed to buy the new series as soon as it came out......went at 9am and they were just putting it on the shelf when I got there.....Yay first pick!

Bought 3 blasters and around....14 packs I think? $60.61 on GPK....retail lol.

Some of the cards are very meh........but some have serious style! Making fun of Mario and Luigi, 3 Stooges, The One Percent and Angry birds to name a few!

My favorite cards out of the loose packs so far:
Pete Sheet (Wearing a urine stained bed sheet as a ghost costume.)
Ray Spray (Riot cop spraying a teddy bear in the face with mace as it's sitting there crying in the street. I honestly feel sad for the teddy bear! But it's soo damn funny!)

Loose pack hits
-Adam Bomb Inserts Base-
Fall of Troy
Discovery of Fire
End of the Ice Age
Boston Tea Party

-Green Border-
Realistic Ralph
Facial Harry
Adam Bomb End of the Ice Age
Marshy Mel
D. Jay
Adam Bomb Destruction of Pompeii
Vending Vinnie
Bearded Brent
Rubber Roy
Taffy Toby
Jack Snack
Adam Bomb Fall of the Berlin Wall

GPK Tatoo Mix n Match (Weird card that's blank on the front except the GPK logo and a blank nameplate. Back of card has Tatoo Lou stickers on it to pull and stick on the front)

-Silver Border- Sadly they don't do foil borders anymore
Pete Sheet
Lewd Luigi (Bowser flushing mario/luigi down the toilet as he's reaching for a power up star
Twisted Tom
Adam Bomb Fall of the Berlin Wall

-3D Loco Motion- (No names on card)
5/10 which I think his name is Melton Milton if i remember correctly. His head is melting off his body onto the table.
8/10 I can't remember this one. Headless baseball Pitcher pitching his head towards home plate.

I have 3 unopened blasters now with 6 packs + 1 bonus sticker yet to open. But I can't here goes!

Box 1
-Bonus Sticker-
Knitting Natalie

-Adam Bomb Inserts Base-
The Big Bang
Fall of Troy

-Green Border-
Lasso Luke
Fiona Fairy
Musical Mike
Adam Bomb Launch of Apollo 11
Birdbrain Bruce

-Silver Border-
Tooth Mary
Sawing Sal

-GPK Tatoo Mix n Match-
Wrinkled Rita

Box 2
-Bonus Sticker-
Knitting Natalie (Dupe)

-Adam Bomb Inserts Base-
Boston Tea Party
Hindenburg Disaster

-Green Border-
Sammy Stooge
Dee J.
Chopped Chad
Fishy Florence

-Silver Border-
Fiona Fairy
Musical Mike

-3D Loco Motion-
Headless Pitcher (Dupe)

Box 3
-Bonus Sticker-
Woolly Wanda (Same bonus card just the other variation) YAWN!

-Adam Bomb Inserts Base-
End of the Ice Age
Fall of the Berlin Wall

-Green Border-
Piggy Peyton
Chalk Linus
Laundro Matt
Doughy Zoe

-Silver Border-
Crashed Craig
Smoothed Sally

-3D Loco Motion-
I think this is Dwayne Drain?? (Kid getting sucked down the bathtub drain. I really like this card.)

Ok here is my take away from all this........Don't bother with the blasters. They all feel like a repeat. They all seem packed the exact same way and there isn't any suspense. I say buy gravity feed packs for retail as they seem to be the most fun and exciting. If you can get ahold of a hobby box then buy it. You get a chance at sketch AND plates......unlike retail with no plate chance.

Go enjoy some GPK for yourself!
Patch Collection PC

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