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Default How do you protect/store your high-end cards?

I'm now up to 3 different theft threads on various boards this week, and it has me thinking about how I store the more valuable cards of my collection. I don't consider any of my cards worth of a safety deposit box, but I need something other than the box they are currently in to protect them from possible theft. When I started putting together values in my head of my collection, the more apparent it became that I had to protect what I had. I am considering a safe, but obviously they can still be lifted by a couple/few people or opened, but at least it's a deterrent and slows down a thief. I'm currently leasing, so bolting down a safe or putting together a floor safe/compartment is out of the mix as well. I'm curious what others are doing to safeguard their collections. Maybe a SDB is the way to go, but then the cards aren't even around to enjoy from time to time.
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"stop em at the perimeter"........seems like your thinking they will be in your home, so how to protect your cards.. i look at it as how to protect your home, so they cant even get in!.... concentrate on proper window locks, door locks, safety film on glass(sliding door)...... for me living in south florida(hurricane country) i have "hurricane windows" which will not be broken during a storm from flying debri, and burglar proof- you can stand and throw a brick into window/door and itll bounce off!
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Put your most valued cards in a locked safe in the false bottom of a desk. Then get worthless reprints and set them out as diversions
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