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Old 10-14-2012, 01:24 PM   #1
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Default Anyone had COMC add condition note AFTER you bought a card?

Bought a card on COMC for $25.
Repriced to flip.
Next time I look at it, it has a condition note.

Now, I'm 99% sure I didn't buy it with that note as their system pops up a little window asking if I'm sure I want to buy the card with condition note, and I wouldn't have bought it for $25.
This happen to anyone else?
Obviously, this isn't cool at all as the card is devalued because of the condition note. If I'm right, this is, at best, an oversight, and, at worst, unethical if they are aware of this and don't contact the buyer to make them aware of the condition note.

Not sure how I would even go about proving this. I will be contacting them and I am assuming (dangerous) that they would know when the condition note was applied. If not....

Anyone else?

By the way, I'm 100% sure this type of "oversight" goes on in this example:
I bought a 1996 Stadium Club "Members Only" card to flip. Turns out, it wasn't actually stamped Members Only and it was only regular issue. How was I notified of this?
I wasn't.
I figured it out when I saw a price change buried in my price change email from COMC.
No email saying, "Hey, we made a mistake on a card you previously bought and now it's worth less because it's not even what we said it was."
I didn't push it because I bought it for a dollar and didn't want to fool with it.
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Yeah I have had a card receive a condition note after I bought it...sometimes it is warranted and I might have missed it when I bought it. Other times I think it is because another seller sees it might have a potential flaw, and has another of that card, and notifies COMC etc and they agree. Doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen.

In the case of the Members Only card, I would have to put that on the buyer, for not noticing it initially. I have done similar, and it stinks but it is part of the deal. I now really check and make sure, as the scan will show that.

I actually just had something happen that I really am unsure of what to think. I had a 2011 Freddie Freeman Ginter Rookie Code card with the black around it. It is $8 compared to the regular $4. One day it was listed incorrectly as a regular card. I had $5.99 on it as there were only 2 others of them on the site and mine was the lowest. I got the "recent price change email" and I saw it dropped to $4. When I looked it was listed incorrectly as a regular $4 rookie where there are over 30 of those. I kept trying to let them know it is the wrong card to where they would change it to the correct one. No response after several notifications and today, just a few minutes ago I went to check my inventory to see if they finally changed it. It is now a REGULAR Ginter card???? This is a first for me. The card changed?? Not sure what to think of this, as I KNOW that card was a code it isn't. I really am dumbfounded on this one.

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