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Default LTT Pokemon & Yugioh for Magic the Gathering and Sports Cards

I'm looking to get rid of my huge collection of pokemon and yugioh cards. I will sell, also. Since I have to make a price, how about 300 OBO on the lot. Not looking for anything near that, but I have to make a price. I have tons of cards and I am not going to list them all. But, if you want a card or type of card (foil) that is not listed I can look through my cards for it. Here are the notables...
Lanturn foil Lv. 39
Pignite 100HP x3 w/50 attack, 1 w/70 attack
Emboar sparkly 150HP/150 Attack! x3
Kingdra silver sparkly border 130HP x2 + normal border 130HP
Throh 100HP
Magmortar 100 HP
Nidoking Lv. 59 130HP + 1 w/ 140 HP
Bouffalant foil 100HP + non-foil
Mamoswine 140HP
Darmanitan 120HP
Staraptor Lv. X!
Serperior 130HP x2
Arceus Lv. X!
Musharna 90HP/90 attack
Scolipede 150HP
Garchomp Lv. X!
Rhyperior 100HP Lv. 55
Steelix 110HP Lv. 38
Rayquaza 100HP Lv. 73
Skuntank 100 HP Lv. 40
Abomasnow 100HP Lv. 42
Raichu 90HP Lv. 35x2 +non-foil 100HP+ non-foil 90HP x2
Mamoswine 140HP x2
Stoutland 140HP x4
Articuno foil 100HP Lv. 41
Shiftry 120HP x2
Piloswine 100HP x4
Metagross Lv. 58 120HP
Onix 90HP/80 attack
Machamp foil 130HP
Leafeon foil 90HP
Regigigas 100HP Lv. 48 & Lv.47 x2
Golem 110HP/100 attack
Charizard 120HP
Arcanine 100HP/120 attack
Magcargo 100 HP
Muk 100HP
Typhlosion 130HP/120 attack!
Beedrill 110HP
Tortera 140HP x3
Samurott foil 140HP+non-foil
Blastoise 120HP
Feraligatr 130HP x2
Blaziken foil 100HP
Unfezant 120HP
Yanmega foil 100HP
Scolipede 150HP
Crobat 110HP + foil version
Staraptor 120HP Lv. 64
Reshiram shiny silver border 130HP/120 attack
Kabutops foil 130HP
Palkia LV. X!!
Togekiss 120HP
Meganium silver sparkly border 150HP! x2 + normal Meganium 130HP
Chansey Lv. 31 100HP
Shiftry 110HP
Mew 50HP!
Sceptile 120HP
Dialga Lv. X 120HP!!
Ursaring silver sparkly border 110HP
Gardevoir Lv. EX 150 HP!!!
Gyarados 110HP + 130HP
Espeon Lv. ex!!
Ampharos silver sparkly border 140HP
Omastar 120HP Lv. 55
Nidoqueen 130HP
Zekrom 130HP/120 attack
Aggron 140HP
Tyranitar 140 HP x2
Tortera Lv. X 160 HP/100 attack!!!!
Palkia & Dialga Legend Oversized card 160 HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yugioh (a lot less!)
Destruction Cyclone
Firestone Prominence
Umbral Soul
Silent Abyss
Arana Lanzadora
Berserk Dragon foil
Evil Hero Dark Gaia
Cyber Twin Dragon
Dark Paladin (damaged)
Rainbow Dragon!!!

Looking for Mike Williams, White Sox, Zay Jones autos

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