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Default Garbage pail kids wrappers and cards

Well, I did a deal and sold just short of 20k cards from series 1-15

Guy comes back intoday who I purchased the cards from and had more crap. I do not want to wear out my welcome by calling the Collector back so I am going to offer here

Wrappers from series 3-15 900-1000+
2 sealed packs of series 15 (1988)
2012 garbage Pail kids wrappers 100-140
4 1986 buttons Radio active (no package) Gross NIP, Ouch NIP,Bless you NIP
12 Garbage pail kids UK Minis series 1 8 have gum stains on back( 2 of the 8 have front stains) 10 of these have perfectly bright fronts
Flash backs Series A and B complete sets 1-60a,1-60b, and another 60ish cards doubles. 2 Cards marked bonus stickers and 7 cards marked Loco motion (3d cards)

Also adding in a group of cards called When Dinosaurs attack, cards are numbered 1-54 with a cover card for a total of 55

Some other garbage pail stuff here as well, big packages.

Looking for 110.00 dlvd on the lot


Found 12 1974 Topps Monster sticker letters as well, adding them in.
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