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Default I do hate when this happens

So, both deals, 1 is done and the other is pending me picking everything us, are STILL stalled.

The down side for deal #1 is books are paid for, guy is dragging ass, but it is a personal and life long friend of my father's so pushing for me to come over to his brother's house to pick them up is meeting hostility " You don;t trust him ?!?"

Deal #2 is a diamond broker and flew out to NYC, De Beers and came back Friday...only to fly back out Sunday and we all know how that has fared for people. I wonder if i will see him before the year is out

Between both deals it is around $60k in Comics and $20-25K in toys.....and people waiting to buy from both groups.

So as I wait, I found a craiglist deal
So,Sunday, I have been assured he is not a diamond broker or a friend of the family...but a Music teacher, I go out to meet this man and his collection
1400 books, Silver/bronze
ASm 24-329, total of 226 books with 21 being issues under 100
Hulk 106-312, 73 issues "Most are 15 cent books" his words.. I would trade them all for a pair of 180,181 but I didn;t ask because,I dunno about you all,when i ask it is never there
And, a personal Fav, FF 40-416 176 issues.....little hope for those 2 magic numbers here, but with him having a 40...fingers crossed

I am sure I am not the only person being dangled from a string on books, it just seems when I have piles to spend I always get put on the back burner,but when I am not spending,the deals are common
I Collect Marbles,Amazing Spider-man comics and tears! Mr. Sensitivity at your service
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