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Default Package out for delivery in wrong town?

So I have an incoming card and it says out for delivery, but in the wrong town. I know the address I have listed is correct as I checked and haven't have a problem in years. Not to worried, but I was just wondering if anyone had this issue and if the card somehow got mixed in with the wrong areas mail. And if you had this problem did it say it was delivered or did it show some reroute or something along those lines.

EDIT: Thanks for the info everyone! Sounds like it should get here eventually. I plan on calling the p.o. either way. Thanks again!
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nucks 4cup
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a month or so ago i had a card shipped to me and it said out for delivery. Later on that night it updated saying house not at address and rerouted to origin. I called the PO and they said it was with the wrong mailman and to expect it the next day. Not exactly what your going through but call them and they will sort it out.
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You should be fine unless you have a very generic address like 202 S Main St or something. I've heard of one guy getting his package delivered a couple towns away because it got mixed in sorting and he had the same address as the place in the other town, like ### South Main Street because the UPS truck covered both towns. I'm guessing you should be fine though considering it was a 1 in a million+ mistake.
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This has happened to me a couple times recently,
In both cases it went from
out for delivery to
missent to
forwarded and then
out for delivery to
correctly delivered to me

hope that helps
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happened to me, I think I bought a book from ebay.
It was sent to Texas instead to California (where I live)

I contacted the seller to make sure he sent it to the right address.
He contacted the PO and I got it 2 days later.
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