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Default How to calculate the overall grade from subgrades?

There is a thread discussing this. I've looked up some examples, and from examples we can see a trend.

Terminology: If we rank numbers from subgrades in decreasing order; and for simplicity, we use gap to mean the numerical difference between 3rd and 4th numbers in that rank. I just say 3rd and 4th below to mean 3rd and 4th numbers in that rank. Overall means the overall grade.

We know if gap is 0, the overall grade will be 4th number.

We know if gap is 0.5, the overall grade will be 3rd number=4th number + 0.5.

What happens when gap is 1.0 or larger??

We first go through a few illuminating examples:

BGS# 6509367: 4th number is edge, gap is 1.0, overall grade=4th number+1.0

BGS# 6082047: 4th number is surface, gap is 1.0, overall=4th +1.0

BGS# 6812367: 4th is centering, gap is 1.5, overall=4th +0.5
BGS# 7199946: 4th is centering, gap is 2.0, overall=4th +1.0
BGS# 5809940: 4th is centering, gap is 4.5, overall=4th + 1.5
Need to find the smallest gap where overall=4th + 1.5. My guess is 4.5. Need to verify.

BGS# 7358873: 4th is corner, gap is 2.5, overall=4th + 0.5
Need to find the smallest gap where overall=4th +1.0. My guess is 3.0. Need to verify.

From these examples, we can formulate rule for the remaining:

If 4th is edge/surface and gap is 1.0 or higher overall=4th + 1.0. (If gap is great enough, we might have overall=4th +1.5 like below), except one is not allowed to get overall 9.5 when gap is 1.0 (gap has to be at least 1.5), or to get 10 this way.

If 4th is centering and gap is 1.0 or 1.5 (less than 2.0 and greater than 0.5), overall=4th + 0.5; if gap is 2.0 or greater but less than 4.5, overall=4th + 1.0; if gap is greater than or equal to 4.5, overall=4th + 1.5.

If 4th is corner and gap is 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 (less than 3.0 and greater than 0.5), overall=4th+ 0.5; if the gap is greater than or equal to 3.0, overall=4th+ 1.0; etc...

In summary, corner is punshed toughest, next is centering, surface and edge the least. How far the overall grade is better than the worst subgrade depends on which subgrade is worst and also depends on how much better the rest three subgrades are.

P.S.: If you cannot survive above, just read last paragraph. :P
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Wow. There should be a college course for Beckett Grading.
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