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Default 2012 Chrome: Hobby vs Retail

Busted two boxes at the LCS. Then picked up some racks & blasters and Target. For the $$, I think I did better with the retail. I'll let you be the judge. All are for sale. Might trade for Steven Jackson color. Will be away for most of the evening, so send offers if interested. Most are going to COMC tomorrow if not sold.

Box #1 (RG3 box) the good one

1984: Weeden, both Wilsons, Turbin
65 Tall Boys: Blackmon, RG3, AJ Jenkins atomic (47/50)
1957: RG3, Wright
Red Zone: RG3
QB Reprint: Tarkenton

Black Orakbo /299
Prism Fred Jackson /216
Camo V.Curry, D.Wylie /499

Refractors: RG3 + 7 others

Auto: TJ Graham Pink 72/75

Box #2: the bad one

1984: T-Rich, Posey, Quick, Randle
1965: Pierce, Blackmon
1957: D.Wilson, Wright (again)
QB reprint: Griese, Tarkenton refractor /99
Red Zone: L.Miller
Prism B.Marshall /216
Black Torrey Smith /299
Pink D.Allen /399
Camo Fitzgerald /499
8 refractors
Auto: Egnew base

Now onto the 6 rack packs & 2 blasters

1984: 8 different including Chris Givens refractor /99
1965: R.Hillmanx2, Givens
1957: Tannenhill, Wright (yes, a 3rd one)
QBs: Stafford, Bradshaw
Red Zone: Givens

Red A.Bradshaw (22/25) half his jersey# ebay 1/1
Pink B.Thompson /399
Camo Ponder /499
Purple Hightower, Corp, Blackmon /499

Auto: Joe Adams

18 Orange refractors
13 X-Fractors
32 Refractors (incl. Luck)

Every pack in the racks had only 1 or 2 base. The rest were refractors or inserts. Is this normal, or should I run back to the store to buy them out?

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I'd just buy out retail because the price. The orange refractors can be real good.
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