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Default Dexter s4 - 2 case break

Here is my break from 2 cases. Yes, there is 1 auto missing, but a replacement has been promised


Base 30
Dexters Justice MO D4-JM1 ~ D4-JM9 8 + 18 extras
Trinity's Kill MO D4-TM1 ~ D4-TM9 9 + 9 extras
Locations D4-L1 ~ D4-L9 9 + 9 extras
D4-ACH Courtney Ford as Christine Hill 2
D4-ADH Desmond Harrington as Joey Quinn 1
D4-AJL John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell 2
D4-AMCH Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan 2
D4-P AB Miami Metro archive box 2
D4-P BP blueprint 3
D4-P HR hammer 3 (1 metal, 2 plastic)
D4-P KB kidnapped boy's bag 2
D4-P KP kill room plastic 2
D4-P LG latex glove 3
D4-P PC postcard 2
D4-P WH 4 walls 1 heart flyer 3
D4-C ABG Sgt. Angel Batista [shirt] 2
D4-C ABR Sgt. Angel Batista [shirt] 2
D4-C AMJ Arthur Mitchell [grey jacket] 3
D4-C AMV Arthur Mitchell [striped shirt] 2
D4-C CHP Christine Hill [purple dress] 2
D4-C CHR Christine Hill [red dress] 3
D4-C DMC Dexter Morgan [sleeve covers] 3
D4-C JMB Johah Mitchell [lt. blue tank top] 2
D4-C JMY Jonah Mitchell [peach shirt] 3
D4-C JQP Joey Quinn [dark purple shirt] 2
D4-C JQS Joey Quinn [purple striped shirt] 2
D4-C MLD Lt. Maria LaGuerta [colored top] 2
D4-C MLR Lt. Maria LaGuerta [cyan-white dress] 2
D4-C SSP Scott Smith [cowboy pajamas] 2
D4-C VMC Vince Masuka [white shirt with circles] 2
D4-C VMO Vince Masuka [orange striped shirt] 3
D4-C WS (Four Walls, One Heart T-Shirt) 3 (1 plain, 2 logo)
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