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Default Going to buy my first case...

from blowout within 1-2 weeks....ive got $900 max to spend. Im looking for my best bang for my buck with HOF autos and lots of parallel rookie autos. any suggestions are great....

i really want jumbo draft
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Not getting a case of jumbo draft at 900 more around 2000 plus for those
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I'm not a super-expert, but asking for both HoF autos and lots of rookie parallel autos is asking a lot. If you want the Bowman Draft, go for a regular case. Brusier is right, you're not getting close with $900 for a case of jumbo, but regular is pretty reasonable and with the new Bowman pick your prospect team thingy there's plenty of value. Downside, no HoF's.

I don't know how many rookies are in Gypsy Queen, but you could probably snag a case of that. Might also be light on HoFers, I dunno. You could also go with an unlicensed product, but there you're losing your "bang for your buck" as you say. 2011 Panini Limited is on a ridiculous sale right now, $875 bucks off. 15 boxes, 7 cards per box, lots of hits, HoFers and Rookies... just not licensed. Maybe not your deal.

Ultimately, for what you're asking for, Topps Tier 1 might be the way to go. It's on sale, has HoFers and Rookie autos, some parallels of each I believe, pretty exciting product... just my 2 cents.
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Topps Tier One will give you both...
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