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Spam your eBay & COMC listings here! (Photobucket, Sportlots, etc.) Post your eBay auctions, CheckOutMyCards listings and other internet sales here for all to see!

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Default COMC - 2012 Black Friday Weekend - Biggest Sale of the Year

Hello, from!

We are gearing up for the biggest sale of the year! This Black Friday Weekend, our sellers are slashing their prices, we are offering free shipping, and on Black Friday only, we are paying you to buy!

Black Friday Weekend – Buyer Incentives

1. Get Paid to Buy – COMC will pay 10 cents store credit for every item purchased & shipped from on Black Friday only!

2. Free Shipping – Just order 10+ items from and get Free Shipping, Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

3. Huge Savings – On top of the COMC incentives, hundreds of sellers will be slashing their prices to bring you extraordinary deals!

Black Friday Weekend – New Web Features!

New Sale Promotions – We are creating a new Classified Ad type that is called a “Sale.” In time for Black Friday, we will let sellers create a “Black Friday Sale” for FREE. This will allow you to see SALE stickers with the lowered prices as you browse the site.

$0.10 -> $10.00 Referral Program

We want this Black Friday to be the best one yet! We want to empower you to help us get the word out with our new Referral Program. Use the new “Share” command on the COMC homepage, and we will give you $0.10 store credit for each new visitor you send our way. If s/he creates an account, we will record you as the referrer. Once s/he spends $100 on either purchasing items or processing items, we will give you $10.00 store credit!

Be sure to check out this Black Friday to for great deals on your favorite sports cards!


The COMC Team

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Unfortunately I will be out of town this weekend for Thanksgiving and not be on a computer, but I still have my sales set up including a big one Cyber Monday. Prices will not be adjusted for the sale at all.

Jacquizz Rodgers Collector!
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40% off sale on Black Friday

chaddie84's Cards - COMC
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20% (matches my auto accept) up to over 60% depending on the day and the card - most between 25%-45% on average. I have 3 different sales set up so come take a look now and add to your cart or watch list and see the prices drop! Prices are going to be low low low

Quick links for it:

my direct link is azsoxpatriots's Cards - COMC

Biggest Discount:
azsoxpatriots's Cards - COMC

Highest % off
azsoxpatriots's Cards - COMC

Highest Price:
azsoxpatriots's Cards - COMC

Lowest Price:
azsoxpatriots's Cards - COMC
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50% off all cards, all days (starting today) on both sites.
COMC auto accept is currently set at 25% off.
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60% off on Black Friday and probably more the rest of the weekend!

I plan on blowing the port out as much as possible!

If you have yours eyes on a card don't wait too long!
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All cards 20-50% off. Most are off the higher percentages. Sale will run all days; Friday thru Monday.

Except for a few highend cards, no prices have increased. I plan to ship those back after the weekend anyways since I purchased them on the site. However, I have lowered prices on a lot of the other cards.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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We're going to have some monster sales, from Black Friday all the way though Cyber Monday. We will be running 3 sales for the 3 different time periods. Definitely will want to keep checking back in, as we plan on updating (lowering the sale price) all weekend depending on how things are going...primarily on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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I have sales of 25% from Friday through Monday.
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COMC 20% auto accept 50% offers

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Mine are set between 20-40% with about 95% at 40% off sale price. Also no increasing prices to appear to be better deals. Looking to clear out the port. Tons of stuff at 90%+ off book value.
Checkoutmycards ID: kelleys1
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Old 11-21-2012, 10:54 PM   #11
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All of my cards will be on sale for at least 20% off Friday through Monday. Visit during that time to check out even bigger discounts on individual cards.

You can beat the rush right now by taking advantage of 20% Auto-Accept on everything in my port!
COMC @ ThePristineCollection:

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Every one of my cards are on sale, most of them 50% off listed price. As low as 7 cents!!! Only through cyber Monday
***COMC SALE up to 50% off!!!***all sports check them out
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Check my comc out all cards 45% off on Black Friday!!

Click on link on the left!!!

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Talking Auto accept at 24% off until end of Monday

I have set auto-accept at 24% off until the end of Monday starting now.

On the site set to be 25% starting on Friday but seems to dial that back to 24% because of the built in shipping fees. I have also made deeper discounts on the site on about 500 cards with many being up to 50%off. Note these larger discounts are only available on the site.

Enjoy and thanks for your business.
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Old 11-23-2012, 02:04 AM   #15
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Black Friday 11-23-12 I'm discounting EVERYTHING 65% Off

Saturday 11-24-12 is my b-day so 70% Off Everything

Cyber Monday 11-26-12 last day of sales, whatever is left will be 75% Off

Prices were lowered to make these discounts even better

Have fun, and thanks for looking
My bucket:
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Mine is mostly bkb 30-50% thru the 26th. Come by!
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Happy Cyber Monday

bat115's Cards - COMC
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