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Default verification of the sincerity of the leafs organization

Leafs fan bids $5,300 for Maple Leaf Gardens toilet, is flush with victory | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
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Just shows how nutty some Leaf fans can be.
I will leave my signature the same until the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup. In short, I will never change my signature.
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I remember a similar story about some guy who bought a trough (you young'uns will probably have to look that up to see what it is) from the Boston Garden...can't remember how much he paid for it though!
Also you must not know how the internet works....The Tuck rule game was the 2001 AFC championship game......Patriots won by 3 points. Google it ....
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Old Nap
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Speaking of pee troughs, I have a funny story. The Fabulous Forum where the Kings used to play had troughs too. One time I was at a game and walked up to go, and I look down and there is a ticket stub in there. Upon closer inspection it was a seat ON THE GLASS! My better judgement surpassed the amount of beer I had consumed and I didn't pick it out. Imagine the ridicule I would have gotten. Especially if the owner of the ticket was still there.

I was listening to the guys on NHL radio talk about this auction this morning. Sounds like there was some really cool stuff.
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