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Default How long to wait to file claim on Ebay

I had purchased a card and it was paid for on November 16th. On the same night he printed a shipping label with delivery confirmation number. I wait over a week and the tracking still just says electronic shipping info received. So he obviously hadnt sent the card yet. I email him on the 24th asking him if he was going to send my card. I got no response. On Monday the 26th, I emailed him again stating that i emailed him three days ago and got no response, and if i dont hear from him soon i would be filing a claim with ebay. Well he emailed me back pretty quick saying sorry , he was out of town and had emergency with son, your card is in the mail today. I said thank you for getting back to me and i hope your son is ok. Well a day has passed and there still is no change on the tracking. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but not sure because ive never had this happen in my ten years of buying/selling on ebay. Wanted to know how much long i should wait to file a claim. Thanks
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I would file a claim tomorrow as sometimes it does take a day or two for the tracking info to update when something is in transit.
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you do know that the seller has no control over the PO updating tracking info...? i have packages all the time that won't show anything until they are actually delivered. give it a few days......
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Thanks for advice guys. Yeah i realize the seller has no control over the post office updating tracking but usually when a package is accepted by the post office with delivery confirmation, it shows it in the online tracking. At least it has in my experience.I will give it a few days. It was a 500 dollar card so thats why im a little impatient.
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