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Default My 2012 Fantasy Nightmares :(

In a free yahoo league, some guys gave up already. I lead the group in points for, but have a current record of 7-5 1267.48 points

basically I have had the same base team w/some fill ins as needed:

Aaron Rodgers - I think he has had a horrible fantasy season, less a couple of good games (only 6 games above 20 points)
Victor Cruz and Wes Welker - both fairly consistant and solid all year
Doug Martin, Michael Turner, CJ Spiller - been on a rotation and started to sit Turner, but you know how that goes, sit one and the other does crappy
Tony Gonzalez - solid for the most part (I picked vernon davis a couple weeks back, but now he's forgotten again)
Roethlisberger benched all year but one or 2 games
Antonio brown, was good until he and ben got hurt
Gostkowski - solid kicker all year
Pats D - been up and down and all my fill ins have not worked

ESPN money league - top 3 win big or break even, bottom 3 get a little back.
I was tied for first a few weeks back, now w/another loss I am 6-7. This is more aggressive PPR, etc.

Also had Rodgers as my QB - been killing me most of the season, I have Romo on my bench and he has much better numbers pointwise so that has killed me each week (IE Romo had 31 yesterday, rodgers 18)
Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson - both have not been very good at times, and I tend to bench them on weeks where they get a ton of carries and (jackson this week for instance had 16 points on my bench, bush had 6
Crabtree, L Fitzy, AJ Green, nate washington - Green has been the best, Fitzy has been the worst, crabby up and down, washington has been pretty quiet for weeks now
Jermichael finley is on the larry fitzgerald program, waste of a pick this year
Texans D, fillin Giants D, cant really complain there
Had the Steelers kicker, but dunked him for Lindell of Buffalo one ben went down.

I've put up some of the lowest points overall for the season on the ESPN league the last couple of weeks, and lost again last night even though there is a game today - he had dalton passing to green to finish me off- if I just played romo all year, sat fitzy and finley I might be in first place!
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started 4-1, ended 1-5

Matt Ryan
Wayne, Welker, Austin
Arian Foster, Reggie Bush
Vernon Davis
Matt Bryant
Houston D

5 of my 6 last losses have been due to the other team having player who had career games. I have the highest point earned in my league but sit 6-6 with 5 teams in front of me. I have maybe a 5% chance of making the 4 team playoff but thats only if Alfred Morris bombs tonight and the 4th place team loses.

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I started 1-2 and will end up 9-4 with a 1st round bye in the playoffs.

This is a PPR league and you start 2 QB's

I had the 4th or 5th pick overall and the 1st 4 picks were QB's.
I got Foster with #5.

Picked up Luck Late.

Grabbed Cecil Shorts in week.

Picked Gostkowski.

And I have been killing it with the 3 defensive players (DL, LB, DB)
2 weeks ago JJ Watts and Jeron mayo combined gace me more points than any other 1 player.

Vernon Davis has been the only bummer. I play his he sucks, I play Pitta and Davis has points.

Need 1 win to make the $$ in the playoffs
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My fantasy league is just best three records after 17 weeks.

I would hate to be forced to rely on guys like Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan or Julio Jones to win my championship in Week 17 when they may not play much.

I remember setting my sights on Rodgers with the No. 3 pick, since TDs are a premium compared to yardage in my league. Luckily the guy in front of me took him, I took Ray Rice and settled for Eli.

What's ironic about that is I picked up Andy Dalton a few weeks ago and he is now SIXTH in fantasy points amongst QBs in my league .

Also almost released Stevan Ridley a few weeks ago, glad that didn't happen.

As for regrets, taking Eli early and not waiting another round or two for Peyton. RGIII and Andrew Luck also went crazy late in our draft.

Also passed on a chance to get Alfred Morris early. I've done fine at the RB position but couldn't have hurt.

I also drafted Dwayne Bowe ahead of Demaryius Thomas, a guy that was on my watch list from day one.
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I got all the wins/losses I needed to have a chance to make it. That puts me at 6-7. 4th place has 2 teams tied at 7-7 which I would need to win and them both lose next week...

Only they play each other, so my shot is 0% now
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