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Default Panini replacement question

Maybe someone around here can help out on how long Panini accepts replacement requests on cards. I recently bought a box of 2010 Plates & Patches through Blowouts' Cyber Monday sale and upon opening it today, I found that 1 of the cards in the mini box was damaged. I mean, it looks like the right side of the card got caught in a machine and bent the whole card about 1/8th of an inch in from the edge all the way up and down the card. Never thought I'd find such a badly damaged card in one of the mid-level to higher end sets since they are double checked and packed so securely, but I did.

Anyone know if Panini could still replace this card, or is it too late and I'm SOL?
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Ive gotten to know the rules pretty well with dealing with david sharp for the last few months. They are really good when it comes to expired redemptions but no so good with damaged products. I guess its hit or miss. I have had no problems with redemptions from 2007 but i had damaged auto cards from 2007 and they said they only keep a library for 1 year so you might be out of luck. You could always email customer service and see
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