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Default Non-Sport 2013 Talk with focus on marvel and card companies [Poll Included]

My first post. Let me know if I am doing this wrong.

Just wondering what people think about the new Marvels Greatest Battles, if anyone is planning on purchasing this product?

What are people looking forward to the most to buying/collecting in 2013 for non-sport, or what have people already preordered?

What are peoples stance on certain card companies?

My opinion thus far on the card companies I've encountered and I'm a complete amateur mind you.

I know Topps and Upper Deck has put out some decent stuff. Topps though seems lower end, while Upper Deck is trying for high end with premier, did decent with Masterpieces, too few hits for the cost on Beginnings while quality sketches, learned from Kree Skrull at least. The hinged cards were a great idea. Top quality, now I wish they would sell holders for them to display and both sides.

I'm worried about Rittenhouse. While they do put out quality, Bronze age was actually pretty good, I'm not sure if their cards hold value, mainly because of case incentives and them in the past saturating the market with autographs. i.e 2-3 autos per cryptozoics 1 auto per box. This is why I am cautious about Marvel Greatest Battles even though I can't wait to buy a few boxes, possibly a case. I don't know how Marvel Greatest Heroes did.

Cryptozoic seemed to have the right idea, but they've really only gotten lucky with a couple names. Their stuff does seem quite expensive for the quality and the hits vary quite a bit.

So imagine you have a great license, how to built the perfect set to put out?

I'm fine with paying more for quality, but let us have a large variety of chase cards, let the sketch or auto not be the only rare hit we're looking for. Hot boxes are nice too.

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I forgot Breygent

I'm not sure if there are other companies putting out these types of cards.

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