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Default Not gonna get rich, but a fun .50 per book haul

There is a collectibles shop by my house that usually buys dolls, paintings, etc., but I guess they bought a large comic book haul, mostly 1990's stuff with a ton of Image books. They had about nine longboxes near full, so at .50 per book I decided to take half an hour to see if I could find any steals.

Nothing too crazy, a few books that sell $2-$8 plus shipping on the bay, most of the 90's stuff is in 9.0-9.6 grade, here's the haul:

3x Spawn #1
3x The Maxx #1
2x Pitt #1
2x Shadowhawk #1
Youngblood #1
Savage Dragon #1
Western Gunfighters #21 (from 1973, low grade, but cool cover/nostalgia)
Saga of the Swamp Thing #1 (1982)
Secret Wars #1 (a few cover creases)
Iron-Man #200
Invincible Iron-Man #5
Infinity Gauntlet #6
Silver Surfer Volume 3 #6, 21, 52, 55, 59
Son of Origins of marvel Comics TPB (Stan Lee, 1975 looks like this Son of Origins Marvel Comics by Stan Lee | eBay
Captain America Pocket Comics Paperback 1979
World's Finest Pocket TPB 1978 (this one World's Finest PB 1978 Tempo 1 1st VF | eBay)
Superman 75 (Death issue)
Adventures of Superman 498 (Death again)
G.I. Joe Frontline #1
Kazar the Savage #1
New Kids on the Block #1 (hey, don't judge lest ye bought My Little Pony)

A few other cool looking Marvel 1990's covers and the 2003 Overstreet Price Guide. Well if anybody wants any of these as reader copies (probably nothing really gradable to make much money on), I will probably be willing to sell the majority of them at $2 a piece (will probably hold onto the Son of Origins), I'll go into details on condition on any you're interested in. Not looking to get rich here, just figure you guys might want these for the PC more than I do. LMK
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If you can find G.I. Joe 155 scoop that up
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