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Default rwikstrom704 - yet another ebay buyer to watch out for

For clarity sake, here are indvidual links to 5 items this buyer recently purchased:

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Update Amortentia Foil Puzzle Card R9 | eBay
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Update Memories Foil Puzzle Card R5 | eBay
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Update Severus Snape Foil Puzzle Card R1 | eBay
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Update Danger at The Burrow Foil Puzzle Card R7 | eBay
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Update Top Score Foil Puzzle Card R2 | eBay

FIRST - after purchasing the first two cards, they pay for each one seperately. I email them and let them, know I will refund their payments and send an invoice to cover both purchases. They respond nicely and say thanks. They in turn buy the remaining three items and PAY FOR THEM! (I now have 3 payments, after telling them NOT TO PAY). Make the refunds, send the invoice and get paid right away (very quick replies). S0 the 5 cards get sent.

As you can see, they clearly purchased 5 single cards, there are no pictures of multiple cards, no mention of anything but the card in the item description.

WELL, get this message last night:

Hello, I just received one of the 5 card set in the mail today. Did you forget to send the other 4 sets of cards to me. They are :Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Update Amortentia foil puzzle " " " " " " Danger @ the Burrow " " " " " " Memories foil puzzle " " " " " " Severus Snape foil puzzleThank you for your cooperation in this matter.- rwikstrom704


my repsonse:

Dear rwikstrom704,Not sure I am understanding the question. We sent 5 individual cards to you. What do you mean when you say "other 4 sets of cards" did you receive 5 individual puzzle cards? That was what went in the package. Let me know so we can figure this out. How many cards were in the package, and what were the card numbers? Thanks!- glen87


tonights reply:

Dear glen87,Hello, According to you, you sent me 5 individual packages instead of one package with all 5 cards sets. So far I have received the one. Sorry for the miss understanding. Ususally when someone purchases several items they send it together. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.- rwikstrom704


Dear rwikstrom704,We only sent one package to you, not 5. The package we sent had a total of 5 individual cards (not sure why you are using the word "sets"). You purchased a total of 5 cards from us (card numbers R1, R2, R5, R7, R9). We do not sell complete sets of anything Harry Potter related. If you look at the 5 purchases you made from us, you will note each one has a picture of a single card, and makes no mention of a "set." Please let me know the card numbers in the package you received. You should of received everything purchased from us in that one package. Thanks!- glen87


I do not even know where to go from here. How did they interpret my first reply as me saying I sent 5 packages?? Looking at their buying history, they are not card buyers (usually buy scrapbook stuff, stickers, kids stuff, etc).
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